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Episode #
July 29, 2008

"Cannibal Dinosaur" is the first episode of Jurassic Fight Club that premiered on July 28, 2008.

Plot synopsisEdit

The male Majungasaurus was looking for a mate when he sees a female Majungasaurus who isn't in the mood for mating. She was surrounded by lush vegetation while the male tries a reproductive dance first but the female does not respond, and is very hostile. Confused, the male then sees that the female already has a baby, leading him to become from reproductive to aggressive, intent on killing the baby so he can mate with the female. They fight as the female rams the male but the male being larger shakes it off quickly.

Then the female uses her tail to whip the male. But as the male Majungasaurus attacks, the female trips on a nearby log, leaving her out of the way as the male Majungasaurus grabs the baby, slams it against a tree and crushes it in his jaws, killing it. Realizing that she's been tricked, the female Majungasaurus, having recovered from her fall, rises from the bushes, charges and crushes the male’s throat, causing him to drop the baby. He falls to the ground and is paralyzed. The female now eats the dead baby and then has the male as a main course (while he is still alive).