Livyatan is an extinct whale that is presumed to have lived in the Miocene epoch. They are believed to have been one of the top predators in their ecosystem.

This whale, unlike modern sperm whales, had functional teeth on both of its jaws. They eat squids , sharks, whales, dolphins, seals. This beast can eat a human whole. The animal has the worst rival around the territory, megalodon. The shark eats them for their diet. They may have eat blue whales. They eat squids. So if you are a livyatan and if you live with a pod of your family you can out number a megalodon, you can raise youngs, and you can hunt together. But if you are alone you can still kill baby whales but it will be really hard, and megalodon can kill you. The groups must be careful because some members get lost. They can kill an seal in one bite! This whale may have even ate C.megalodon babies! The pod might from 4-10 or more. Category: aquatic