Nanotyrannus ("Pigmy tyrant") is a genus of tyrannosaur, known only from two juvenile

Creature information
AttributesSimilar to T.Rex
Time periodLate Cretaceous
Serial information
Deaths caused1 Juvenile Tyrannosaurus
Appears inFirst appearance: "T-Rex Hunter" Last appearance Armageddon

specimens, which may in fact represent juvenile specimens of the contemporary species Tyrannosaurus Rex.

This particular dinosaur appeared in the second episode, "T-Rex Hunter", of Jurassic Fight Club, where it was seen harassing and tormenting a pair of juvenile t-rex, only for the mother to return and crush his ribs and back. In the final episode, "Armageddon", the same dinosaur is seen in a flashback during the extinction.[60-66]


Measuring up to 5.1 meters (17 feet) long, 2.2 meters (7.5 feet) tall and weighing about one ton, this"pigmy tyrant" had a large head, a slim tail, long hind legs, short arms with two-fingered hands and large, strong jaws with sharp teeth.

Fighting StyleEdit

Faster than the T-Rex by 10-20 mph (40- 50 mph), the Nanotyrannus had excellent vision and depth perception due to its large, forward-looking eyes. It could chase and overtake its victims with long, fast strides and wound them with its sharp claws and knife-like teeth. And, as in the "T-Rex Hunter" episode, it is claimed to have a bite force that exerts up to half a ton of pressure, which could easily snap the neck of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Like other Tyrannosaurs, Nanotyrannus probably preyed on the duck-billed, herbivorous hadrosaurs that were common in their region at the time.


  • There's some controversy surrounding Nanotyrannus, as featured in National Geographic's special Dinosaurs Decoded (2009): many paleontologists now believe that this dinosaur was actually a juvenile specimen of T-Rex as opposed to an independent species.
  • However, these evaluations are mostly based on the specimen nicknamed Jane (which is actually a possible Tyrannosaurus Juvenile ),but not on a specimen called Bloody Mary, which was discovered alongside a Triceratops in 2006 and remained in private hands, but was said by the palaeontologist Robert Bakker to be nearly fully grown, although it was still only 20 foot long.
  • Moreover, it was said by Bakker that the two skeletons were surrounded by teeth who seemed to be identical with the ones from Bloody Mary, and that it were much more than the specimen carried in her jaws during it's death - a possible evidence for pack hunting, as a single Nanotyrannus would not be able to bring down a fully grown Triceratops alone.
  • These are all speculations however, as the specimen isn't able to be analyzed again because it is still in private hands and his owner doesn't let palaeontologists look again at the fossils.

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