Nanotyrannus ("Pigmy tyrant") is a genus of tyrannosaur, known only from two juvenile

Creature information
AttributesSimilar to T.Rex
Time periodLate Cretaceous
Serial information
Deaths caused1 Juvenile Tyrannosaurus
Appears inFirst appearance: "T-Rex Hunter" Last appearance Armageddon

specimens, which may in fact represent juvenile specimens of the contemporary species Tyrannosaurus Rex.

This particular dinosaur appeared in the second episode, "T-Rex Hunter", of Jurassic Fight Club, where it was seen harassing and tormenting a pair of juvenile t-rex, only for the mother to return and crush his ribs and back. In the final episode, "Armageddon", the same dinosaur is seen in a flashback during the extinction.[60-66]


Measuring up to 5.1 meters (17 feet) long, 2.2 meters (7.5 feet) tall and weighing about one ton, this"pigmy tyrant" had a large head, a slim tail, long hind legs, short arms with two-fingered hands and large, strong jaws with sharp teeth.

Fighting StyleEdit

Faster than the T-Rex by 10-20 mph (40- 50 mph), the Nanotyrannus had excellent vision and depth perception due to its large, forward-looking eyes. It could chase and overtake its victims with long, fast strides and wound them with its sharp claws and knife-like teeth. And, as in the "T-Rex Hunter" episode, it is claimed to have a bite force that exerts up to half a ton of pressure, which could easily snap the neck of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Like other Tyrannosaurs, Nanotyrannus probably preyed on the duck-billed, herbivorous hadrosaurs that were common in their region at the time.


  • There's some controversy surrounding Nanotyrannus, as featured in National Geographic's special Dinosaurs Decoded (2009): many paleontologists now believe that this dinosaur was actually a juvenile specimen of T-Rex as opposed to an independent species.

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